The only constant around here is change.

Is your business or organization looking to effect positive change? Real change, the kind that challenges norms, transforms processes, disrupts industries, and sets new pathways to delivering exceptional B2B and B2C experiences? At Sleeq, we are master implementers of transformational change.

We are not your average development team, think of us as a new breed of smart, personable change enablers. A unified ‘change force' if you will, dedicated to affecting swift, positive transformational change within your business.


Reframe the issue, challenge the norm, develop a new path

Assessing, analysing, documenting, developing and implementing cloud based digital solutions to maximise efficiency to grow your revenue.

As high-performing individuals from the 4 key areas of transformation change; cloud CRM architecture development, change management, marketing automation and IoT, we understand digital transformation architecture in its broadest sense. From development and implementation, to business process and structure, marketing pipeline flow and corporate culture.

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Master implementers of transformational change

"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work."
- Vince Lombardi

There is always a better way.

Cloud based solutions for transformational businesses

Sleeq's unique offering to the industry lies in the sum of all its parts. Not one size fits all, not jack-of-all-trades, but the coming together of industry experts from 4 distinct pillars of transformational change.

Cloud based solutions for transformational businesses

Cloud-based CRM architecture, development and implementation

Change management and culture transformation

Change management and culture transformation

Marketing technology consulting & development

Marketing technology consulting & development

Modern Internet of Things products and solutions

Modern Internet of Things products and solutions

With this united level of drive and focus on delivering better transformational services to the industry, Sleeq is the definition of intelligent development - Quicker. Slicker. Smarter.

When it comes to digital innovation, you want someone with their head firmly in the cloud

Sleeq's core development skills encompass developing solutions for cloud based CRM platforms such as Salesforce, AWS, and Google Cloud. We are technologists first, technicians second, we love breaking down the issues to understand where the efficiencies can be made and use technology to solve the most complex issues and explain them in simple terms.

Each of our team have worked in enterprise level companies, proving themselves in corporate environments and familiar with development methodologies.

What our clients are saying

"They understood our needs of requiring an SMS solution built into our Salesforce platform that is cost-effective and simple to use and assisted us in implementing it effectively. Support after the implementation has been excellent and friendly too to help with a few post-deploy niggles which were sorted out promptly and we have had no issues since."
Irene Elderkamp - Syndex


"To witness a well-oiled machine in motion is a beautiful thing. It's reliant on all parts performing their unique and specific functions effortlessly, picking up the energy, the information and flow from the part that comes before it. Communication, power and information all flowing effortlessly from one part to another. That's Sleeq - Quicker. Slicker. Smarter.

Defined focus, high expertise levels and a united drive to succeed, keep Sleeq's well-oiled machine moving forward. Having worked together in the past as separate entities, the combined experiences of Sleeq mean that they know what it takes to create significant change for companies and their clients. They've reviewed the parts of the development machine, removed the unnecessary, refined the processes and increased the performance levels.

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